Hi Guys,


I have had several incredible sessions the last couple of days; first, with the Bengston Northwest Group and with Mary Magdalene's Spirit Walkers; and this morning, with a Meditation with Jennifer Rose.. The subject came up of the body and the challenges of dealing with those areas we contend with.

I know it is a challenge. I know it is hard at times and even overwhelming. But, our bodies are the reflection of our Souls. They are this amazing expression of who we are as spiritual beings even with all the challenges. And, our bodies are this amazing creation given to us by our Creator. And we are the perfect reflection of our Creator. Our Creator is love. and Love beget Love. Our entire universe was born that instant. We were born in that instant. Love beget Love. We are Love.

Last night we talked about Walt Whitman. "I Sing the Body Electric" was first published in his book of Poetry Leaves of Grass in 1855. The poem "I Sing the Body Electric" did not come into its final form until 1867. In some of the lines of the poem one can see references to times before the Civil War and reflections after. Most notably the use of the word "electric" was not in common parlance until after the Civil War. I do not know of another poet who most clearly could describe the Soul of America. But, Walt Whitman did so and at the same time described the beauty of God's creation in the human body and saw that it was a window to our Soul.

I recorded the Poem for you my friends and mixed it with a Solfeggio 528 Hz entitled appropriately "Life Force". I hope you all enjoy it. It is a gift just because we can read, listen, work, run, swim, strive, and sing. Just because! Our only limitations are ourselves. Walking hand-in-hand with spirit there is no challenge we cannot face with Love and Light for Spirit is with us always. Our perfect co-creation partner IS ALWAYS WITH US on this spiritual adventure we have chosen to pursue.