Our group is a little different. While we are all healers, the main focus of our group is to connect with Spirit. There are a few things you should know about our group. 

1. We are a group of friends who gather together to join in a mutual assistance Spiritual adventure.  

2. No one is charged anything for being involved in our group.  

3. We have become a group of Spiritual Healers while on our adventure.  

4. We provide and send healing "energies" to anyone who requests Healing.  

5. While our focus has been on members of our team, NO ONE is ever turned away if they request healing. 

6. We send healing to many people who never become part of our group. 

7. NO ONE is ever charged for our services or team activities. 

8. Most members of our Team are very new to connecting with Spirit and Energy Healing. 

9. Visitors are always welcome

10. Membership is a simple commitment to join in the Spiritual Adventure of the Team


  This is a Team based spiritual discovery program that began in March of 2021. It started as a personal Aura Energy Development program with a handful of people from the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter in Santa Barbara. The program has now grown via Zoom to include people from Canada and the United States including Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregon, Quebec, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming, Internationally we have grown to include participants from Austria, England, Egypt, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Mexico, Panama, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Viet Nam. 

  In the course of developing our energetic focus we utilized training and concentration protocols that enabled us to connect and work with the Spirit who provided me training and healing to increase my original energy development. During our developmental practice, our team members then met and interacted with Spirit and established direct connection and interaction with Spirit for healing with many of our members. The healing and unconditional love that was experienced by the individuals of our team not only changed lives; but also, allowed us to develop into an Energy Healing Team 

  I have a direct relationship with Mary Magdalene. I am a Magdalene Brother. And I have been tasked by Mary Magdalene to help others connect to Spirit. That is my only task she has given me. 

  To that end, our team is developing the practice to DIRECTLY CONNECT with Spirit and develop their relationships with Spirit such that their daily walk through this life is filled with a Co-Creative relationship with Spirit that enhances our lives. This is open to anyone. You are welcome to join us. No One is ever charged for being part of our Energy Healing and Spiritual Adventure Team.  

  If you do decide to join us, you will become a member of our Team. In addition to learning how to directly connect with Spirit, you will also apply "Energy" Healing for yourself and loved ones. You will be part of a team that sends love and Energy Healing for your needs also. You are joining an Energy Healing family. You will become a member of our Energy Healing family also. 

  You will experience the direct support of Spiritual Masters whom we have met and interacted with during our meditations like Mary Magdalene, Mary (Mother of Jesus), and Jesus. Please note this is not a religious exercise. This is not a "faith" oriented practice. While most of our members come from a Christian background, this is a spiritual program that supports the connection to Spirit that is particular to each person involved in the effort and people of all faiths are welcome.  

  We have Buddhists also who have been able to reestablish their connection with loved ones who have transitioned and their Spiritual Guides like “Green Tara”. We have members of our team who have a Hindu background who have reconnected with "Lord Shiva". We could easily have anyone from any faith system who is open and willing to connect with Spirit. My task from Mary Magdalene was that I help and support my brothers and sisters to reconnect with Spirit. She never told me that there was any particular faith system I was to support more than another. In fact, I am sure my job is to help anyone regardless of the faith system they were raised in. Spirit is One. We are all reconnecting with the One. 

  The end product of all our efforts is the direct connection with Spirit and entering into a Love, Joy, and Peace of a re-established relationship with Spirit. 

  Currently during our Summer Sessions, We meet on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00-7:00 PM. We also have a session on Saturday from 9:00-10:00 AM. Those are Pacific Daylight Times for the United States. Team members usually only attend one session that is convenient to their lifestyle requirements. Some come every session. There is no requirement to come every session. If one's schedule dictates, they miss several weeks, that is not an issue. They just come back when they can. 

  You are certainly welcome to email with any questions about our meetings. Just add your email address to our Home page. You can be assured your email will never be sold or provided to anyone outside of Mary Magdalene's Spirit Walkers 

Very Respectfully, 

Craig Hendricks