Messages from the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine

Love Letters from the Holy Mother, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene 

These Love Letters were received through Automatic Writing during Team meditations and come directly from what appears to be a Holy Trinity of the Divine Mother, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene who aim to inspire, comfort, and guide individuals toward a deeper understanding of their divine nature and purpose, fostering a sense of unity, love, and peace. All of these messages so far have spoken of Unconditional Love and Divine Connection; Divine Purpose and Awakening; Miracles and Gratitude; Transformation and Illumination; Unity and Oneness; and, Overcoming Challenges and Growth.

Unconditional Love and Divine Connection

All these gifts highlight the enduring and perfect love shared between the Holy Mother and her children. The recurring motif of hearts beating as one represents profound and indestructible bonds of love and unity. Each of us is cherished, loved, and embraced in divine love, unconditionally and continuously. This love serves as a source of comfort and strength.

Divine Purpose and Awakening

Each message highlights the intrinsic purpose embedded within each individual's existence. Every person has a sacred purpose and is part of a divine order. There is a consistent encouragement to recognize and fulfill one's potential and purpose. This call to awaken to one's divine purpose acknowledges each soul’s role within the greater cosmic plan. All souls are lovingly urged to awaken from a "long sleep," symbolizing a transition from ignorance or forgetfulness to awareness and understanding.

Miracles and Gratitude

Miracles are all around us, waiting to be noticed if we take a moment to see. The nature of existence is inherently miraculous, and recognizing this can deepen our gratitude and appreciation for life. Each individual is constituted by these everyday miracles, which are deeply connected to divine love. We are all called to observe and acknowledge these wonders with a grateful heart, as this recognition enhances our connection to the divine.

Transformation and Illumination

All souls are called to embark on a journey of personal transformation and illumination, letting go of past burdens and embracing the ever-present light and love that surrounds them. This transformative process involves recognizing one's divine nature and the perfect love that exists within and around them. Illumination and fulfillment are depicted as accessible through personal choice and the acceptance of divine love.

Unity and Oneness

There is a unity among all beings with the divine and with each other. The idea that “Our Hearts Beat as One” suggests a profound interconnectedness and unity. There is a continuous call to recognize and embrace this unity, to act with love and compassion towards others, reinforcing the notion that we are all part of a great, loving family.

Overcoming Challenges and Growth

This Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine acknowledges the challenges and trials of human existence, framing them as opportunities for growth and learning within the divine order. Challenges are not seen as failures but as integral parts of the human journey, contributing to spiritual development and the realization of one's divine potential.

The Following Communications are categorized in reverse chronological order. In other words, the latest received is at the top of the list. Each is dated and identified as to its author.

19 July 2024

Holy Mother Message

The choice is always yours my beautiful children.

It is a choice of peace or war; 

a choice of silence or chaos; 

a choice of love or hatred; 

a choice of joy or sadness. 

What is your choice today? 

Will you pick love, joy, or peace? 

That presence of your Creator 

at the center of your being 

resides within Love, Joy, and Peace. 

That is the place of miracles 

radiating out with every choice

sings the Creator’s song; 

sings of wellness;

sings a unity of Love, Joy, and Peace.

A unity you have known 

beats at the center of your being.

The choice is always there 

to return to the love, joy, and peace of your Creator 

that resides within you. 

Your deepest memories 

still sing with your family 

before the morning stars; 

still sing in gratitude; 

still sing of Love, Joy, and Peace 

that was shaped by the word of God 

into your beautiful expressions.

The Song still sounds within you.




Our Love is always with you.

29 June 2024

Holy Mother Message


My beautiful children. 

Let not the fetters of past memories 

or past lives keep you from the illumination 

that already surrounds you. 

You are the child of God. 

Perfect and still seen and held as perfect. 

The imaginations of the various fantasies lived 

held sway far too long. 

You learned lessons; 

and, your growth is beautiful.


it is now time to set aside 

the toys of your youth. 

It is time to decide 

to make the decision and accept 

that perfect place of illumination 

at the very center of God’s focus and Love. 

It is the easiest decision. 

Reunion and illumination are one choice away 

to return to Love, Joy, and Peace. 

You feel it calling to you. 

It has ever been so. 

The long journey is at an end. 

It is your simple decision 

that brings fulfillment and oneness 

with the All That Is. 

The return to love. 

There is no obstacle in your way 

other than those you choose. 

Whenever you choose, we are here. 

Our love is with you.

25 June 2024

Holy Mother Message


Who is the Master of Miracles, my beautiful child?

It is you! It is only you!

The love of your Creator shines from every cell in your body,

and from the very depths of your soul.


You are the face of our Creator, 

one with the All That Is.

You are the Master of all your Miracles.

Love is the energy that gives birth to those Miracles.


A love that is so intimately part of you 

for a time, you forgot what gave birth to you,

what moved you, 

what surrounds you, 

and radiates out the Good News 

of our Creator’s perfect Love.


You are the Prophet of Love.

You are the Master of Miracles.

Accept your place within our Creator’s Revelation 

and bring forth the Good News to your brothers and sisters;

and love them.


Through your love 

and our Creator's love flowing from you as a beautiful symphony, 

you shall be known as the Prophet of Miracles.

14 June 2024

Holy Mother Message


My beautiful children

Would you think your life is chance and serendipity?

It could never be so.

From the moment of your creation 

every act, every event, every circumstance 

of your life 

has been carefully orchestrated 

by you and your loving family 

of the divine order.

Through every breath of synchronicity I gently blew, 

You were meant to be. 

You were meant to strive.

You were meant to learn. 

You were meant to Love.

Where in that equation 

is there a statement 

you were meant to fail?

Your misperceived failures 

are but another opportunity 

for growth in love; 

for growth in the Divine Order.

Every breath you take, 

as small as it seems to you,

is a blessing to you, everything,

 and everyone around you.

You are my perfect child.

You are still seen as that perfect creation

in the time before time.

Count your challenges, 


and misperceived failures 

as the gifts of LOVE 

they are all meant to be.

Know with your awakening,

you are part and whole 

of the Divine Order. 

It was always meant to be.

As always, you are my beautiful children.

11 June 2024 

Holy Mother Message


My dearest children,

Filled with and surrounded by 

My presence,

You are my messengers.

You are here to restore the Divine Order.

It will be one step at a time.

It will be one person at a time.

And you will be there 

at your brothers' and sisters' awakening.

As I am with you always, 

take this blessing 

and go into my beautiful creation.

Pour the blessings of my miracles 

upon the creation 

that was meant to be a miracle.

You are my miracles.

Every one of you,

even those who do not know yet,

are my messengers 

to awaken your brothers and sisters.

You are my messengers 

carrying the miracles 

you have co-created 

with Your Holy Mother.

Love everyone 

and pour your miracles into the world

If it is not you 

my perfect child, 

who will do it?

You are my perfect messenger 

to share the miracle of Love. 

Go forth and heal the world 

to restore our beautiful family.

4 June 2024

Holy Mother Message


Do not be confused, my beautiful children.

You are here for a purpose.

You are here for a Holy purpose.

How could it be otherwise 

for a child

of the Creator of Universes beyond number?

The love you feel 

is magnified beyond the scope 

of your imagination. 


it was that love 

that gave birth 

to All That Is.

That gave birth 

to each of you 

in one great song.

A song still sounding in the deepest reaches 

of all that is; 

still sounds through even the smallest bit of sand 

before the great oceans;

Still sounding through the voice 

of the great waves of life.

Our creator continues to generate life beyond life.

Use this simple prayer and meditation.

My Heart is Your Heart;

Your Heart is My Heart;

Our Hearts beat as One;

To sing your voice, 

given by the creator of all that is;

and, add to the song of creation 

born in the time before time.

Sing with your whole heart.

Sing with your whole soul.

Sing as One. 

My Heart is Your Heart.

Your Heart is my Heart.

Our Hearts beat as One. 

31 May 2024

Message from the Holy Mother, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene


Little Children.

My most beloved

cherished since the first moment of your creation.

You are part and whole of this Great Family;

this Great Matrix 

within the Mind of the Most-High.

Held and cherished.

We cannot say this enough. 

The Long Sleep needs breaking.

Awaken my beautiful children.

Set aside the dreams 

of fantasy,


and limitation.

You are My most beautiful children.

Pour forth the bounty of your talents.

The Most-High poured all the Gifts 

you could ever dream of 

into your potential.

What is the potential of a Child of God?

There is no way to set a boundary 

to those gifts and abilities.

With your awakening and acceptance, 

you are the Prophet 

setting your brothers and sisters free 

from their long sleep.

You are the Boat Master 

ferrying your brothers and sisters 

into their great awakening

to rejoin the Song of Gratitude 

still sounding since the Time before Time.

Take up your gifts, 

you are a child of the Most-High.

Begin your song 

that your brothers and sisters will join you.

24 May 2024

Holy Mother Message


My beautiful children, 

I know

that sometimes 

your minds fall into error 

that somehow you are not within 

the Holy Presence. 


you are in a lesser place 

of purgatory. 

There is only the Presence of the Holy 

in your lives 

if you take a moment to see 

that All-Abiding Presence 

that can never leave you. 

You are filled with that Holy Presence 

within every cell of your body 

and at the very foundation 

of your consciousness. 

It is but a minor error 

that you do not see 

the Ever-Present Holy 

surrounding you. 

A small error 

that is easy to make 

in your forgetfulness. 

It takes but one shiny moment 

to remember the love 

the Holy Presence still radiates 

at the very center of your being. 

I am always there waiting patiently 

for my beautiful child 

to awaken from your forgetfulness. 

It is already accomplished

You have already awakened. 

You remembered 

your perfect state, 

as a child of the One Creator

blessed from before Time;

blessed until beyond time.

Now is the time to remember 

and sing the song of Gratitude 

to sing the return to love; 

to sing the return to the One.

21 May 2024

Mary Magdalene Message


Each of you are the beloved of the Most High 

and have been 

since the very moment 

of your perfect creation. 

Beloved, cherished, and held close

surrounded by untold and uncounted miracles. 

Miracles surround you; indeed, 

are part of the very makeup of your being.

How could anyone doubt their perfect lineage 

when the Most High 

pours miracles down 

upon and into each of your very beings.

Loved and cherished.

Loved and cherished.

It has been so since 

the time all the Most-High Children 

stood together 

in the time before time 

and sang as one; 

the song of Gratitude 

before the morning stars.

Remember, remember, remember.

Awaken from the long sleep.

The Most-High calls you 

to turn and celebrate;

to turn and rejoice; 

to turn and sing 

with your brothers and sisters 

as one Great Family again. 

The family that is still One with the Most-High 

cherished and loved.

15 May 2024

Mother Mary Message


There is a mythic reality 

of all your perceptions of Mother Mary. 

Lay them aside.

The weight of the years of misunderstanding, 


and misguidance 

have held mankind down. 

It is now time to awaken from the long sleep. 

See with the perception of your hearts. 

Feel the love and joy 

that has been ever-present. 

Hear the song of our holy creator 

calling you to a new life; 

a new perception; 

a new mythic reality 

that will bring the light of our Creator 

to fill all the dark spaces of misperception 

that has ruled for too long. 

The taste of the nectar of the Holy Light 

is sweet beyond measure. 

The love and joy within, 

that you are created to celebrate, 

is sweet to the taste. 

There is nothing that stands between you 

and our Creator’s glorious Light. 

A simple embrace and 

the new will transform everything 

within and without your beautiful creation 

given by the God of all creation.

Embrace your role; 

your faultless heritage;

your flawless lineage. 

You are the perfect child of God.

10 May 2024

Message from Mary Magdalene


The Creator, 

who is everywhere and fills all things 

both visible and invisible, 

surrounds each of you. 

Closer than the breeze on your cheeks,

the breath of God whispers 

of a love so deep and profound 

you have all forgotten the words. 


the words are still there surrounding you. 

The words are still singing 

within your hearts. 

Like a child’s laughter, 

the words can ring the bell of your heart 

like a gentle-sounding 

that gives birth to joy and love. 

Yet that joy and love are only shadows 

of the meaning of those forgotten words 

the creator spoke to your hearts 

on the very day of your creation. 

Set down the tools of war 

of anger and envy 

that were used to survive 

in this land of forgetfulness. 

Once again,

listen to the sound of a babbling brook 

as it tumbles over the rocks and sandy stream bed. 

Smell the flowers that surround you. 

See the Sunrise and Sunset 

of a creation so beautiful 

no human words can describe. 

Touch the lips of your loved ones. 

Taste the nectar of the flowers. 

The words of Love and Joy heard first

from the Creator 

will again raise your understanding 

as you discover the real you; 

the first child of God.

7 May 2024

Message from Mary Magdalene


There is a secret in the world. 

It is a secret that is no secret. 

In your heart, 

you know the truth 

that has radiated from you 

since the first moment of your creation. 

The truth is you are complete 

and part of the divine order. 

You are meant to be here right now. 

When you realize the secret was, 

in fact, 

no secret; 

when you realize 

you are that divine order 

as the perfect expression 

of our divine creator, 

you will have realized your perfect resurrection. 

You will have awakened from your long sleep and discovered 

you have never been separated 

from your family; 


the God of all creation 

who still holds you as your perfect creation; 

never separated; 

always held dear.

15 April 2024 

Holy Mother Messsage


Good Vibrations.

Know, these vibrations that are generated.

The vibrations that resonate throughout

the entire world.

You know the dichotomy of the world.

We live in change;

in war;

and, in peace.

Its really all about vibration.

There is war.

Or, there is a lack of vibration.

There’s vibration there;

but there’s a lack of vibration.

And then, there is peace,

which is a much higher vibration.

And yet, when they’re all mixed,

higher vibrations are happening

inside of the chaos of war.

That has to happen.

How else are we going to pull

our brothers and sisters forward

into the higher vibration?

It’s a beautiful thing.

The whole experience of being human,

of being here in this amazing world,

with the incredible diversity,

of available experience

to every one of my children.

My children are all here;

all learning;

and all growing.

No challenge you can receive here

cannot be overcome;

or, will not be overcome.

That is just not possible.

You are the expression of love in the world.

And the greater you realize that

the greater the amount of peace

there is the world in the midst of war.

A greater amount of peace

will take place with the realization

of your perfect state 

of being who you are.

Know who you are.

Believe who you are.

Live who you are.

You are that perfect expression of love

that has come into this world.

You came into this world willingly.

You came into this world with my blessing.

And my love surrounds you always;

surrounding every bit

of who you are and what you are.

Take that Love and hold it to your heart

and never doubt

that you are here for a purpose.

You are here for a beautiful purpose

to help your brothers and sisters;

to help you grow

into being the fullest expression

of my beautiful child.

I love you.

Have a beautiful day. 

2 April 2024

Mother Mary Message


My Heart is Your Heart.

Your Heart is My Heart.

Our Hearts Beat as One.

You are all loved, 


and taken care of 

in every aspect of your lives; 

your whole life.

There is not one moment 

where the perfect intimacy of our Union is not present.

Where your Heart is, 

there we are.

Where our Heart is, 

there you are.

Completely and perfectly part of our Great Family 

forever held in Love,

wipe your tears and wash away your fears.

As we bring you through each beautiful life, 

your presence becomes a blessing to everyone surrounding you.

Your Blessing is our Blessing.

Your Love is Our Love.

Your Joy is Our Joy.

Our Hearts Beat as One.

Together We Rise.