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This meditation has a profound impact on the participants. Our participants find it leads to various unique and transformative experiences. These experiences ranged from encounters with figures like angels, other transcendent-like beings, and even past acquaintances to deep dives into inner landscapes, channels of energy, and a sense of unity with higher selves. For many of our participants the meditation seems to open up different doors and perspectives for each individual, allowing them to explore their inner realms and discover meaningful insights.

Use of gamma brainwave binaural beats in the background adds an interesting dimension to the meditation, possibly contributing to the active mental engagement and the transcendent states some participants experienced. The interconnectedness of these experiences and the synchronicities that emerged during the sharing session further highlight the power of guided meditation to tap into the subconscious and explore the depths of the mind.

Overall, this meditation contributes to creating a thought-provoking and enlightening session that contributes to inner growth and self-discovery through meditation.

Music Crown Chakra Note B by rebeccareads Item #114132850

This recording is to be used for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this recording while driving a vehicle or operating heavy equipment. Stock Media provided by rebeccareads / Pond5