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This meditation begins with an introduction and invitation by Mary Magdalene to return to the Peace that has been experienced by the soul at its perfect moment of creation. Indeed, Mary offers her hand to each participant to walk them through this meditation to that perfect Peace they once knew and can now recall. During this meditation, participants are encouraged to recall a moment, or other times, in their life when they experienced perfect peace both mentally and emotionally; when they felt a deep and transcendent PEACE. By immersing themselves in these feelings, individuals can cultivate a sense of profound peace and can transmit that peace to others. By revisiting these peaceful experiences with Mary, participants can learn to cultivate a sense of inner peace, even in the midst of life's challenges. Peace meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote emotional stability.

Our background instrumental designed for this meditation resonates with the Heart Chakra and it contains a Binaural Beat frequency at 43 Hz to access a Gamma Brainwave State supporting the enhanced memory, focus, and concentration helping to induce a meditative state that has been associated with connecting to a transcendent experience. This meditation is for entertainment purposes only. Do not listen to this recording while operating heavy equipment or driving a vehicle. Background music has been acquired on license from Matt_Gerry/Pond5.