Mary Magdalene's Spirit Walkers began  in March 2021 after a talk that was given to the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter in Santa Barbara, CA. The talk covered the subject of a year long study where I demonstrated it was possible for a person to be able to expand one's aura at-will in an instant. Following the talk, a small group of volunteers joined with me via ZOOM to begin the process of learning how to expand their auras also. 

That began a spiritual journey that took all of us farther than we could have imagined. In the end, we discovered Spirit was taking us on a journey of discovery that reunited us with Spirit in beautiful ways that involved unconditional love and other lessons leading us into healthier and more dynamically interactive life with Spirit that enriches every aspect of the lives we are living here right now. 

The meditations that are available in our website are stepping stones along that journey we have all been on since March 2021. Everyone is welcome to join us. Spirit is welcoming anyone of any faith system to join into the amazing adventure of Spirit. Leave your email and we will contact you for ZOOM meetup schedule.  

This is a Team based spiritual discovery program that began in March of 2021. It started as a personal Aura Energy Development program with a handful of people from the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter in Santa Barbara. The program has now grown via Zoom and Website to include people from 45 Provinces and States in Canada and the United States, Mexico, and Panama. We also have members and meditators who regularly use our meditations from 27 other countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.