From the recording The Healing Field 173X

This is a Mary's Spirit Walkers Cancer Warrior's Team Healing Session. The Team is composed of Advanced Energy Healers. Most of the team either have been or were diagnosed with Cancer sometime in their lives; have overcome Cancer; or, have family members who are struggling with Cancer in their lives right now. The entire team is extremely motivated to apply their Energy Healing Gifts to anyone needing support in their healing process with any illness or disease. The recording is a SILENT RECORDING. Hit the play button and relax to feel the healing energies as you join the healing circle created by the Cancer Warrior Healing Team. Neither Time nor Space has meaning within the Healing dimension. By connecting to the healing team through the recording, the listener joins with the Healing Circle. Because the Healing energies are SILENT, you can play the recording on a loop to maintain a continuous presence within the healing field. It costs nothing to play the recording. It costs nothing to download. This effort is provided free of charge to any who might need healing and feel they would benefit from taking this journey to join a Healing Field.

Do not play this recording while operating heavy equipment or driving a vehicle. This recording is for entertainment purposes only. This recording is a complement to traditional healing modalities supporting the healing process. This recording is not intended to be a replacement for traditional allopathic modalities of treatment